-- Ayesha Syed--

Want Better Work-Life Balance?

Want Help Reaching your Life Goals faster?

Let’s discuss one or many areas of your life and dive deep! Whether it is business, health, relationships, money or work/life balance, we will work on them until we have identified what your fears, doubts or limiting beliefs are that are keeping you from the success you crave. 

We will then uproot these beliefs and replace them with new positive ones giving you perspective on the life of your dreams. The beliefs that serve you, that help you become fulfilled. 

​We will also work on some emotional freedom techniques (EFT) to release the fear of success from your sub-conscious so you are set free to do the very things in life that you were meant to do and that make you happy, empowered and fulfilled!​

Choose the Coaching Solution that's right for you...

Change a Specific Situation

1 Coaching Session.

Each session is 2 Hours.

Total Time: 2 Hours

Change a Specific Life-Area

4 Coaching Sessions.

Each session is 2 Hours.

Total Time: 8 Hours

Total Transformation

7 Coaching Sessions.

Each session is 2 Hours.

Total Time: 14 Hours