-- Ayesha Syed--

Want Better Work-Life Balance?

Overstressed, Burned Out, Unfulfilled?

Do you feel that ‘work’ is your ‘life’?
Are you stuck in the repetitive cycle of business circling around the same things every day?
Have you forgotten your own goals and future because you keep saying ‘yes’ to everyone when you really want to say ‘no’?
Are you skipping using the bathroom to get one more thing done? Juggling more work will not bring you happiness and fulfilment.

Stop sacrificing and start living an empowered, confident and guilt free balanced life!
Those who have achieved work/life balance are personally fulfilled and know how to balance life roles and work roles effectively but don’t work all day every day. They know when to step down and enjoy their life moments. They have more energy and confidence to overcome the daily challenges of life.

Do you always know how to solve someone else’s problem but don’t even know where to start with yours? Do you panic when you find a couple extra hours of break in your day once in a while but start looking for something to do to keep yourself busy? Are you guilty you’re not doing enough for the kids when you are in need for some TLC yourself? Do you not need a break to relax or think about your passions and dreams?

We all have different needs to fulfillment. 
What makes you happy in life is not true for another person.

When you coach with me on your work/life balance issues, you will learn to:
•    Identify your passions and your personal goals for your life
•    Say ‘no’ when you should without feeling guilty
•    Build self-confidence and take back control of your life and start enjoying it without feeling selfish

Your personal goals and dreams have been pushed back because of your daily agendas that serve others all day.
You say to yourself that you don’t have time for your passions or the kids are too little, or I don’t want to seem selfish or I don’t have the money for it or whatever the case. We will recover your passions, goals and dreams and build them strong together.

Creating new habits to find fulfilment is a work-in-progress and as you keep working on it, your life journey continues to bring you joy and satisfaction.  Let’s get started and get you all balanced!  Sign up for your free 20-minute work-life balance consultation below.

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