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Who Am I?

About Ayesha

My name is Ayesha Syed and I am a transformational life coach. I help people create their best lives by teaching them how to re-program their sub-conscious minds. This is done through deep coaching and uprooting their limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. 

Since 2012 I have helped business owners overcome their fears and doubts in their everyday challenges. My clients include small service based business owners, holistic professionals, real estate agents, lawyers, personal trainers and retail business owners. Having worked at corporate America since 1993, teaching college since 2001, and running my own publishing business for 5 years, I  understand the emotional needs of small business owners and how workplace issues affect peoples’ lives.

I am the author of an upcoming book on sub-conscious re-programming and I am currently working with Jack Canfield the co-creator of ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ on getting certified in facilitating his success principles to the corporate world as well as business owners.

I also help individuals with confidence building, finding life purpose, becoming financially successful, health and body image issues, parenting and relationships. I can also coach you on how what you eat can affect everything listed above. I enjoy working with clients that are committed to their own success because they have won half the battle already. This makes the other half a breeze. 

My special way of uprooting defeating beliefs brings profound shifts in my clients’ understanding of what life circumstances they have been creating all along and what they need to do to change them. Aha! moments are normal when coaching with me.

At your complimentary session, you discuss with me only YOU and how I can help you. No selling. And if you like my method of coaching, you are welcome to buy the package that suits you best.

As a Wife...

I believe that when we empower the ones we dearly love, we continuously fulfil our duty towards mankind. The peace, joy and fulfilment it brings to you has no limits. Just that can keep you going for the rest of your life. My husband is my biggest testimony. Being the expert at what I do, coupled with my vision of who he could be, I have helped him create the business of his dreams! 

Doing few deals working part-time as a real estate agent, I helped him get over his limiting beliefs, fears and doubts enabling him to quit his full-time job to sell real estate full-time. In just his first year he earned 6 figures in commissions. Now with his new found status of high performing agent, he receives many industry awards every year which he brings home and awards me with. He says, “dear, it’s for you and because of you”.

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As a Mother...

Inspiring your kids with self-esteem boosting conversations is the best thing you can give them. Kids big or small love to hear positive, empowering feedback from their parents. This is what makes them more confident, strong, sociable and inspired to live their best lives.

I am a mother of 3 kids, ages 17, 11 and 10 and I have instilled in my kids high self-esteem, confidence and clarity to plan and create a wonderful future filled with happiness, purpose and success. I only treat them with love, care and respect. The rest works out right every time. Do you want to do the same with your wonderful precious kids?

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As an Author...

As an author, I help inspire my readers to create their best lives filled with success, joy, kindness, balance, prosperity and beautiful relationships. As an expert in re-programming sub-conscious minds, I am writing a book for people that want to transform themselves and their businesses.

​I teach them how their success in business and their physical and emotional well-being is dependent on how beautiful their personal life is. My book is expected to be released in summer of 2016. If you would like to be informed beforehand, please sign up for the free weekly inspirations. 

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As a Business Owner...

I have experienced all the phases from planning and starting a business to building clientele and keeping them. Client acquisition and retention is not rocket science. We have to build systems around our business so it doesn’t own us but we own it. 

You know how so many business owners don’t know where their next client is going to come from and they feel so hopeless they start to think they need to give it all up and go find a job? Whether this sounds like your situation or whether you’re not there yet, let me help you remove those fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching that next level which might just be the one thing you need now and maybe at this moment!

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As a Life Coach...

Do you want someone to just hold your hand and take you on a journey to show you what exactly is not right in your life and how to fix it? Whether its relationships, health, business, career, finances or work/life balance?

Do you think you need that something that will make you happier, more successful and fulfilled? But, you struggle with identifying what that is?

Do you crave to make that difference and fulfil that compelling drive to get ahead even further? 

My job is not to give you answers but to show you what you have never even dreamed of. When you get used to looking at things in just one way, my job is to show you how to look at them in many ways. My job is to blur those hard lines you have drawn all around you. I help you examine your own beliefs and turn them into ones that serve you better and make you more confident, successful, and powerful.

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Success Stories...

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